The UK’s first storybook written by children in care

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bookLeicestershire County Council
Superheroes! is a book of stories written by children in care

A group of kids have penned the UK's first storybook written by children in care.

Almost 50 kids wrote short stories for their very own book!

'Superheroes!' features a number of fictional tales from children in care aged between four and 15 years old.

The book's contributors were encouraged to be as imaginative as possible and stories feature existing comic book characters, as well as newly-created ones like Cupcake Queen, Cat Kid and Michael Recycle.

The aim was to give the young people chance to express themselves.

"When we create a fictional world we choose who's in it, what happens, what's said," said children's author Steve Cole.

"For children, who can sometimes feel invisible or unheard, a writing project that allows them expression is a way to boost confidence and self-esteem - and celebrating it gives them a real sense of achievement," he added.

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bookLeicestershire County Council

"I didn't think I could write a story. I don't like writing its boring. This was fun though!" said one 11-year-old author about the experience.

A seven-year-old who also wrote a story for the book said: "I find writing really really hard to do. I had help and then I wrote a big story. My teacher was proud of me! My picture is awesome."

The book has been published by Leicestershire County Council which has also sent monthly books parcels to primary-school-aged kids.

If you could write your very own superhero story, what would it be about? Let us know in the comments!

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