Strictly Come Dancing: AJ Pritchard says perfect 10 'should never happen'

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WATCH: Strictly pro AJ 'You should never get a 10, it should never happen'

Strictly pro AJ Pritchard has told Newsround that he doesn't think that judges should ever be able to award 10s in the ballroom.

It's always a big moment when a celeb gets their first 10 on Strictly Come Dancing.

This year, actor Kelvin Fletcher was the first famous face of the series to bag a perfect score for his Charleston with partner Oti Mabuse during Movie Week.

But AJ told Newsround that a perfect score "should never happen" and that the top mark should only ever be 9.5 as there's "always room for improvement".

We put AJ's suggestion to Strictly Come Dancing to see what the judges thought about his comments, but they declined to comment.

All-four-judges-two-giving-ten-marks.BBC/Guy Levy
The highest score a couple can get from an individual judge is 10

Should the judges be able to give the dances full marks? Should we see 10s on the judging panel?

Have your say in the vote below (if you can't see where to do this, then click here) and then head to the comments at the bottom to let us know why you feel that way.

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