Typhoon Hagibis: Japan prepares for big storm set to hit later on Saturday

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Hagibis storm damageGetty Images
Damage caused by Typhoon Hagibis

Japan is set to experience its heaviest rain and winds for 60 years as Typhoon Hagibis affects to the country's main island.

The Japan Meteorological Agency has warned that winds reaching a huge 111mph could lead to floods and landslides.

Thousands of homes have already been left without power and one person has died.

A number of local governments have issued evacuation advisories to areas which are at risk, including some regions in Tokyo.

The eye of the huge storm could be seen from space

So far, two Rugby World Cup matches have been cancelled as a result of the storm and the Formula One Grand Prix has also been affected, with F1 qualifying now postponed until Sunday.

Shops, factories and train networks have also been shut down and over 1500 flights have been cancelled.

What do we know about the typhoon so far?
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Typhoon Hagibis: Japan prepares for big storm

Hagibis, which means "speed" in the Philippine language Tagalog, is forecast to hit Japan's main island of Honshu today.

The typhoon could be the strongest storm the country has seen since Kanogawa Typhoon which hit Japan in 1958.

Hagibis comes just one month after Typhoon Faxai, which violently swept through parts of Japan damaging 30,000 homes, most of which have not yet been repaired.

Pedestrians crossing the roadGetty Images
Pedestrians in Japan are already feeling the effects of strong winds brought by Typhoon Hagibis earlier in the week

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