Conkers are 'harmful' to dogs says Blue Cross pet charity

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The autumn is a great time to walk your dog with lots of leaves to run through.

But Blue Cross pet charity has warned of the danger of conkers to dogs at this time of year.

Alison Brennan, Senior vet at Blue Cross pet charity, said: "Conkers, which are great fun for kids to play with, are very harmful for dogs. They could get stuck in a dog's throat and they are also poisonous if they do eat them."

Conkers contain a chemical named aescin which is mildly poisonous and shouldn't be eaten by human or animals.

How can you keep your dog away from conkers?

So what do you do to stop your dog from eating conkers?

Well firstly don't let your dog play fetch with them. Bring out another toy they can play with or throw a stick.

The best way to make sure dogs stay safe is to get them trained so they listen to you when you call.

Alison says "Make sure your dog is also skilled in the 'leave it' and 'drop it' commands, this will help you stop your dog from eating something bad for them. You should consider walking your dog on a lead around conkers until you're confident they don't want to play with or eat them."

Advice if you think your dog has eaten something toxic

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Alison says: "If you fear that your dog has eaten a conker or anything else which is toxic, immediately call your vet."

Some signs of poisoning include:

- Vomiting (being sick)

- Collapse

- Diarrhoea (runny poos)

- Restless with the discomfort and pain

- Difficulty breathing

If you are worried your dog or any pet has eaten something that may harm them tell an adult and ask them to contact a vet immediately.

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