Simone Biles: World Gymnastics Championships so far

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Watch Biles' best moments in all-round victory

We think Simone Biles is awesome, she's making history as she's won yet another gold medal at the World Gymnastics Championships.

The 22-year-old says it means the world to win her 5th women's all around title in Stuttgart in Germany, becoming the first woman to do so, which is seriously cool right?!

It means she has now won her 16th, that's right, 16th title.

She's now just one medal off equalling Vitaly Scherbo's all-time record of 23 - he was one of the best gymnasts of all time!

How many gold medals has she won at the competition?

1. All around event. Simone started off on the vault, then uneven bars before moving onto the beam scoring impressively in each move.

2. Team event. The American led her team to victory on 8 October 2019, scoring the highest individual points in vault, balance beam and floor exercise.

Can she still win more?

Yes she can! She needs just two more medals to become the most decorated athlete of all time at the World Gymnastics Championships.

Biles returns to competition on Saturday, when she could claim her 23rd and 24th world medals in the vault and uneven bars apparatus finals.

Good luck Simone.

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