Typhoon Hagibis: Strong winds and heavy rain expected

Last updated at 06:12

A large typhoon that is heading towards Japan is expected to hit the Tokyo region at the weekend.

It's currently typhoon season in the country but Typhoon Hagibis has the potential to cause a lot of damage to homes and buildings.

The cyclone is the biggest of the year and could be pretty dangerous.

Organisers of the Rugby World Cup have cancelled England's match against France on Saturday because of the weather and New Zealand's game against Italy has also been called off.

It's hoped Scotland's match against Japan can still go ahead though on Sunday as the typhoon is expected to clear by then.

However a review will be made on the day and matches may be called off depending on how bad the damage is.

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Under tournament rules Scotland are likely be knocked out of the World Cup as cancelled matches see both teams awarded two points as part of a 0-0 draw.

Organisers of the tournament say public safety is their number one priority.

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