It's a fact - nature is good for you!

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Getting into nature can make you feel better

It's official - being outside is really good for you!

A new report by The Wildlife Trust says that if people are feeling a bit unhappy, they should try and get into nature.

They say that instead of doctors giving out medication to patients who suffer with anxiety or stress, they should suggest people go out into nature instead.

Researchers worked with people who suffer from poor mental health, anxiety or stress. They took part in several outdoor activities and most of them said they felt much better afterwards.

Outdoor activities can improve your mood

One of the researchers said: "People who have low levels of wellbeing feel healthier and happier when they're connected to wildlife and wild places."

This road in Hull has been closing its street for a couple of hours a week to let children play outside - so they know what the report is talking about!

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