Tammy Abraham: England may walk off the pitch if they suffer racist abuse

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England footballer, Tammy Abraham has said that the squad may walk off the pitch if they hear any form of racist abuse during their Euro 2020 qualifiers later this week.

They face the Czech Republic on Friday and Bulgaria on Monday.

The match against Bulgaria will take place in a partially-closed stadium because of fans' racist behaviour earlier this year.

The Chelsea striker has said if "it happens to one of us, it happens to all of us".

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UEFA - which oversees the European Championships - says they have a three-step system in place in the event of racial abuse.

Step one: Someone should inform the referee of any racism. They will then halt the game in order for an announcement to be made in the stadium.

Step two: If the abuse continues, the referee will suspend the game for a period of time.

Step three: The final step is where the game will officially be abandoned.

However, Tammy Abraham has suggested that if England's players believe someone is not comfortable continuing, captain Harry Kane will lead them off the field without hesitation.

Other England players have suggested they will follow the official rules above though, as they feel that taking any other action like walking off the pitch, will send out the wrong message.

England's Joe Gomez during training

"Those sort of people might think they have won," said England and Liverpool player Joe Gomez.

"But if it does happen, we all have to be united as a team and a country as a whole - it isn't just the players on the pitch" he added.

"It is the whole FA, England set-up and the staff as well. I think we are together, as one, and we know what we would do."

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