Should mobiles be banned from school playgrounds at pick-up?

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What do you think to this idea?

A headteacher in Greater Manchester has made the school playground a mobile-free zone at pick-up time.

There's been a lot of talk about pupils being banned from using their phones at school...but this time it's aimed at adults!

It's been done to try and encourage children and their parents to talk to each other more at the school gates.

Do you think all schools should do this?

A post to parents on the school's Facebook page said: "How many of you are so engrossed in a conversation with your friend or on the phone, that you forget to say to your child 'Hi how was your day?' smile warmly at them or give them a hug? I am sure we have all done that."

The headteacher of the primary school in Leigh added: "Please take a moment to listen and talk to your child."

What do you think of the idea? School pick-up might be your favourite part of the day for catching up with your mum or dad? Or maybe you don't mind not talking much if you're tired after a long day of lessons?

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