New moons found around Saturn

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Saturn.NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

Saturn's become the planet with the most moons in the solar system.

Researchers in America found 20 new moons orbiting the planet, which means it has 82, while Jupiter only has 79!

They were found using the Subaru telescope on Maunakea in Hawaii.

If that wasn't cool enough, people are being given the chance to name them as part of a competition on social media.

They have to be named after giants from Norse, Gallic or Inuit mythology though.


17 of the new moons orbit Saturn "backwards" - this is known as a retrograde direction. The other three moons orbit in a prograde direction - the same direction as Saturn rotates.

Each of the moons is about three miles in diameter, that's the distance of a 5km run!

Dr Sheppard, from the University of California, was one of the people behind the discovery and said more moons were probably waiting to be found around Saturn.

But he also added "astronomers would need larger telescopes" to discover smaller satellites.

What would you name the moons? Let us know in the comments below.

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