Matty and Sean Longstaff and other sporting siblings who have played together

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Matty Longstaff made his Premier League debut for Newcastle with a 1-0 win against Manchester United. But there was something else that made the win so special - he was playing alongside his big brother Sean.

"Getting to play with Sean was unbelievable," he said. To be on the same team for our hometown club, and to win against Manchester United - who are a good side - is a bit surreal."

Matty and Sean aren't the only siblings to join forces in sport, here are some of the most famous examples.

Venus and Serena Williams
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Venus and Serena Williams have won three Olympic gold medals as a pair

Two of the most famous sporting sisters are tennis players, Venus and Serena Williams.

Venus is older, by just over a year, but Serena was the first to win a major tournament, taking the US Open title in 1999 aged just 18.

Although they are often called rivals they've also played in several doubles tournaments together, winning 13 Grand Slams and three Olympic gold medals as a pair.

Dina and Arina Averina
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Dina and Arina are top Russian gymnasts

These Russian rhythmic gymnasts are hoping to compete in Japan in 2020.

Between them the 20-year-old identical twins have already won gold medals in the World Games, World Championships, and European Championships.

They started gymnastics at the age of four, but even though they both compete they say there is no rivalry and they support each other.

Tom and Sam Curran
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When cricketers Tom and his younger brother Sam Curran played the fifth and final One Day International against Sri Lanka in 2018 it was the first time the brothers had played together.

And sporting success runs in the family, their father Kevin Curran played for Zimbabwe and their brother Ben is signed to Northamptonshire.

Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee
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Alistair Brownlee helped his brother Jonny across the finish line in 2016

One of the most famous examples of siblings helping one another in sport was Alistair Brownlee helping is brother Jonathan across the line at the Triathlon World Series in 2016.

The brother both compete in the triathlon, a sport which involves a swim, a bike ride and a run.

Jonny Brownlee has a silver and bronze medal from the last two Olympics, while Alistair has two gold medals from the London and Rio Games.

While younger brother Jonny Brownlee is definitely looking to take part in Tokyo 2020, Alistair Brownlee says he still hasn't decided.

Saya and Kai Sakakibara
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Saya, 20, has been competing since she was young

Brother and sister BMX riders Kai and Saya Sakakibara will be competing for Australia at Tokyo 2020, but they could have also competed for the host nation or Great Britain.

The siblings have a Japanese mother and English father and lived in Japan when they were children.

Saya, 20, is ranked 7th in the world. She's a four times World Champion. Kai is ranked 10th in world in the elite men category.

Andy and Jamie Murray
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Andy and Jamie Murray joined forces at the US Open

Three-time Grand Slam winner Andy Murray may be the more well known brother, but his elder brother Jamie has also had incredible success as a doubles player.

Jamie Murray is a seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner and a Davis Cup champion, currently the world No. 14 doubles player, and a former doubles world No. 1.

Since having surgery on his hip, Andy Murray has been playing doubles and joined his brother at the 2019 US Open. It's not the first time the brothers have played together, they also played doubles at the Rio Olympics.

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