Divers Assemble! Check out these superhero splashes

You may think being an elite diver is all serious work, but Olympic champion Jack Laugher and his team-mates have used their downtime at a training camp to do something a bit different.

He's posted a video on social media of them channelling their best superhero impressions.

They can be seen doing some incredible flips OUT of the sea.

Is it real though? We know they're talented, but it's probably just some very clever filming and editing!

Jack, who won gold at the Rio Olympics in 2016, kicks off the amazing video, with Dan Goodfellow, James Heatly, Matty Lee, Yona Knight-Wisdom (who is British-born and dives for the Jamaican national team), Lucas Thompson and Noah Williams following.

When asked how many times it took to get right, Jack responded; "The choreography took about 15 minutes getting everyone in order then only two tries to get it right!"


Footage from Instagram/JackLaugher

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