Music in schools: Should music lessons at school be compulsory for children of all ages?

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Do you still have music lessons at school?

In some schools across the UK, music supplies, like instruments, are decreasing.

Some pupils in Year 9 no longer have compulsory music lessons.

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WATCH: Why learning music at school is so important

Some people say learning music is just as important as Maths and English as it can help with things like mental health.

Do you agree? Should music lessons be compulsory for all students or not? Have your say in our vote and let us know in the comments below.

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The Department for Education said: "All pupils should be able to benefit from a world class music education. That is why music is statutory for all pupils aged 5 up to 14 in state maintained schools."

"Since 2010, the percentage of time spent teaching music in secondary schools has remained broadly stable and so has the proportion of pupils taking Music GCSE."

They also say they're investing in a Music Hubs programme which encourages children to play instruments.

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