The Hundred: What is it, who is playing and how do I play?

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What is The Hundred?

We may only be a matter of weeks into the new school term, but some of you might be thinking about next summer's school holidays already.

And it's looking likely to be an ultimate summer of sport!

Not only will we have the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and the 2020 2020 Uefa European Championships, but "The Hundred" is coming to a cricket pitch near you!

What is "The Hundred?"

The Hundred is a brand new form of cricket which is designed to make the game faster, more exciting and easier to follow.

This is because the people in charge of cricket in England and Wales, the ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board), noticed that there weren't very many young people involved in cricket.

They hope The Hundred will attract a wider, younger and more diverse crowd.

Whereas Test or T20 cricket can last hours, The Hundred is a much shorter game.

There will be eight teams in the competition, representing seven different cities and there will be separate leagues for the men's and women's competitions.


The teams are called:

Manchester Originals, Northern Superchargers (based in Leeds), Birmingham Phoenix, Trent Rockets (based in Nottingham), Western Fire (Cardiff), London Spirit, Oval Invincibles (London), Southern Brave (Southampton).

The Hundred league will be made up of 32 matches, with the top three teams competing in the Finals Day (the top team will automatically reach the final, with second versus third for the other spot in the final).

But there is a bit of a twist - there will be "rival teams" who will play each other twice.

The paired rivals are: Leeds and Manchester, the two London teams, Birmingham and Nottingham and Southampton and Cardiff.

How do you play?

The format of the game is pretty simple - the bowlers have a set amount of time to bowl 100 balls at the opposition batsman/ batswoman.

The batters hit the ball as far as they can and run to the other end of the wicket (the patch of ground in the centre of the field).

However, if the fielding team - the opposition - manage to catch the ball (without it hitting the ground), or they hit the stumps with the ball, then the batter is out.

Both teams take their turns to bat or bowl and the team with the most runs at the end wins.

Who will be playing?

A lot of England's big-name players are involved, as well as international stars who will inject some interesting rivalries into the series.

However, the way they are picking the teams is similar to the American NFL draft system, where teams "bid" for players.

The biggest England stars have already been picked and here are where some of them will play.

Test captain Joe Root will play for Trent Rockets, World Cup hero and Player of the YearBen Stokes will play for the Northern Superchargers and the star of the famous World Cup super-over Jofra Archer will play for Southern Brave.


The remaining places in the 15-person squads will be filled on Sunday 20 October.

West Indies batsman Chris Gayle, England T20 captain Eoin Morgan and Australia's Steve Smith will be some of the other superstars taking part in the draft.

When will it take place?

In the summer holidays next year - it starts in July 2020 with the finals day taking place in August.

And you'll be able to watch it all live on the BBC!

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