MineCraft: MineCon 2019 - What happened?

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Minecon 2019 revealed loads of exciting news!

Minecon is a get-together that happens every year and it's for people who play Minecraft, the popular block-building game.

Read on to find out about the release dates, the Nether and the new bees!

Minecraft Earth has a new release date!

MineCraft Earth will be launched in early October 2019.

The game uses Augmented Reality, the same type of technology that Pokemon Go uses, which means players can see characters from the Minecraft world in the real world using their phone or tablet.

Gamers have been eagerly waiting for the release date, so are pleased to know there's not long to go!

The Nether world is expanding
The Netherwart Forest Blue is one of the Nether updates

The Nether is getting a huge update - with lots of new biomes (climate zones).

Creators said they've got "big plans for Minecraft's deadliest destination."

There's going to be the Netherwart Forest Blue with its twisty new Nether Fungi covering the ground, the Soulsand Valley full of blue fog and flames, and the Netherwart Forest Red full of dense forest, swirling particles and dense atmosphere.

There are new creatures
The piglin beast is one of the new Minecraft mobs

With all the new biomes in the Nether expansion, Minecraft announced some new mobs to go with them.

There's the piglin beast, which creators have called a "tusked little terror", there are zombified piglins who are on the hunt for gold, and loads of bees!

Bees are a neutral mob and will only attack the player if they're provoked, so bee careful!

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