OWL Finals: San Francisco Shock vs Vancouver Titans - Who won?

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The San Francisco Shock and Vancouver Titans clashed at the 2019 Overwatch League Grand Finals this weekend, with the San Francisco team coming out on top.

Around 19,500 people watched the esports event live in the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia in America on Sunday 29 September.

The OWL kicked off in February earlier this year, and 20 teams of the world's best players battled it out to try to make it to the finals.

San Francisco were given a massive £890,000 for their victory.

How did the finals work?
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Everything you need to know about Overwatch league grand final

Two teams of six played against each other choosing characters from three categories: Damage, Tank and Support.

The teams played four separate games on different maps.

  • Winning a map earns a team one match point.
  • If a team ties or loses a map, it does not earn a match point.
  • After all four maps are completed, the team with the most match points is declared the winner.
  • If both teams have the same number of match points, a fifth and final map is played. The winner of this tiebreaker is declared the overall winner.
San Francisco Shock
overwatch-san-francisco-shock.Ben Pursell/Blizzard

San Francisco Shock are one of the twelve founding members of the Overwatch League, and are currently ranked second in the world - with 24 wins and 5 losses this season.

They're also the first team in the history of the OWL to complete a golden stage - meaning they haven't dropped a single map during an entire stage - this is better than a perfect stage, which is 10 straight wins!

overwatch-sinatraa.Robert Paul/Blizzard
Sinatraa is a player to watch out for!

Their star player is Jay 'Sinatraa' Won - he's 19 years old, and arguably one of the greatest Overwatch players in the world!

He recently won the League's coveted MVP award (Most Valuable Player) for the way he helped his team to victory.

He plays in the DPS (Damage Per Second) role using characters like Tracer and Doomfist to deal damage to the other team. He also topped the League's damage as Zarya.

The team all live, play and eat together like a family, and say this really helps their ability to work together as a team. Sounds fun!

Vancouver Titans
overwatch-vancouver-titans.Stewart Volland/Blizzard

San Fran's rivals are the self-confessed bad boys of Overwatch - the Vancouver Titans.

They're currently ranked first in the world, with 25 wins and 4 losses this season.

The Titans hold the record for the longest winning streak in the league's history with a total of 19 match wins in a row.

Their star player is 18-year-old Hyo-Jong "Haksal" Kim.

overwatch-haksal.Robert Paul/Blizzard
Haksal might be the youngest competitor, but he's one of the best!

Like his rival Sinatraa, Haksal is a DPS player, who uses characters like Genji and Mei to break the opponents' defences.

Despite being the youngest player in the League he won the Rookie of the Year Award this season, for his expert playing.

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