Fortnite and Batman collaboration: Epic Games launches crossover

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WATCH: Trailer for Fortnite / Batman crossover (Pictures from DC / Fortnite / Epic Games)

Fortnite has launched an exciting collaboration with Batman.

The crossover will last for the next two weeks, during which Tilted Towers will be transformed into the famous Gotham City.

A special pack of caped crusador weapons and skins will also be available throughout this time.

The launch came on 21 September to coincide with the character's 80th anniversary.

catwoman-fortnite-skin.DC / Fortnite / Epic Games
A catwoman skin is available in the new crossover

Jim Lee, DC's chief creative officer and publisher, told "It's the 80th anniversary of the Dark Knight and we wanted to do something extra special for fans all around the world for Batman Day.

"I can't imagine anything bigger than letting the legions of Fortnite players take on the cowl and enter the world of Gotham City via Tilted Towers! Epic Games has really outdone themselves in bringing the world of Batman to Battle Royale!"

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welcome-to-gotham-city-callenge-pack-on-fortnite.DC / Fortnite / Epic Games
Fortnite shared on Twitter: "Remember, laughter is the best medicine. Complete the Welcome to Gotham City Challenge Pack to get the Catwing Glider, two sprays, a banner and a loading screen!"

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