A new app to help you stay safe online

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These vloggers talk about the benefits of using the Own It app

The BBC is launching a new app to try and help the wellbeing of young people online.

It's called Own It and it encourages young people to stop and think before they hit the send button.

It monitors how they interact with their friends and family online and uses artificial intelligence to try and see how a child is feeling.

It offers advice or says if users might need to talk to an adult, especially if they're about to share personal details or send an upsetting message.

The app also gives users the ability to keep a diary of their emotions to allow them to record how they're feeling and why.

Royal approval

The Duke of Cambridge has supported the app.

He said: "It is fantastic the BBC has launched an app which will provide support to young people as they navigate the online world.

"I am delighted to see this positive and practical outcome resulting from The Royal Foundation Taskforce on the Prevention of Cyberbullying."

The director of BBC Children's, Alice Webb, said the app would act as a "helping hand" to guide children into developing good habits when they use their first phone.

She said: "The digital world is a fantastic place for people to learn and share, but we know many young people struggle to find a healthy online balance, especially when they get their first phones."

The app offers advice if someone is about to send an upsetting message

The app has a special software keyboard that pop ups when the user types messages and monitors the words being typed and language used.

It also tries to help young people manage the amount of time they spend looking at their screen and passes on advice about responsible online behaviour.

The app regularly encourages children to talk to parents and guardians about good and bad online experiences and their phone use.

The data from the app is not shared with parents and remains private to the phone.