E-Sports Hotel E-Zone opening in Japan: Themed hotels

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E-sports-hotel.PA Times

An eSports-themed hotel is being built in Japan.

The nine-story hotel, which translates as "ESports Hotel E-Zone Cyberspace" in English, is due to open in Osaka, Japan.

The first three floors will just be for gaming, with more than 90 bedrooms on the other five floors.

The gaming floors will contain over 70 gaming consoles and computers and loads of live-streaming gaming tech. It's a hotel for the ultimate gaming fan.

But it's not the first hotel to appeal to enthusiasts - let's take a look at some other themed places to stay.

The dog hotel

Hope the bedding here isn't too ruff!

dog-bark-park-inn.Dog Bark Park Inn

If you love pooches, then a stay in this dog-themed hotel might be for you. Dog Bark Park Inn in Idaho, in America is a bed and breakfast guesthouse inside a giant Beagle.

There are dog pictures, cushions and books and there's even a loft room for anyone who wants to spend the night inside the head of a beagle!

The car hotel

Get a room with a vroom

Car-bed-hotel.V8 Hotel

For car-crazy types Motorworld in Stuttgart, Germany, is the ultimate destination. It's a huge facility showcasing vintage cars, and for people wanting to stay overnight, there's even a hotel.

The V8 hotel includes 10 themed rooms where you can sleep in a bed shaped like a classic car if you're tyre-d.

The rock climbing hotel

Climb into bed

whitney-peak-hotel.Whitney Peak Hotel

Whitney Peak Hotel is home to the Guinness Book of World Records' tallest artificial climbing wall.

The massive wall is built onto the side of the hotel in Reno, Nevada in the US.

Those who don't fancy scaling the outside can tackle a huge indoor bouldering park.

The plane hotel

Lose your head in the clouds

Bedroom-in-Jumbo-Stay-hotel,Jumbo Stay

Plane spotters can find out what it is like to sleep in an actual Boeing 747 cockpit at Jumbo Stay, a hotel built in an old jumbo jet on a disused runway at Stockholm airport in Sweden.

Guests even have access to a shared balcony, located on the jumbo jet's wing.

It's certainly one way to drift off to sleep and float away!

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