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Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019: Extraordinary entries

The Natural History Museum's annual wildlife competition is back! Check out some of this year's highly commended entries which include a sleepy seal, humongous whale and synchronised shoal of fish! There were nearly 50,000 entries this year and the overall winners will be announced on October 15.
This mischievous raccoon was snapped on a deserted farm in Saskatchewan, Canada. The critter managed to pop its head through a small hole in the window screen of a Ford Pinto - that's some serious skill! Don't worry - she was fine and squeezed out, to spend the night looking for food.
raccoon-in-carJason Bantle/Wildlife Photographer of the Year
This bug-eyed jackfish was photographed peering out of a small jellyfish in Polynesia. The clever fish used the sea creature as a handy hiding spot in the open ocean to keep away from predators.
jackfish-in-jellyfishFabien Michenet/Wildlife Photographer of the Year
Check out this incredible sloth! The three-toed mammal was photographed as it sat in a tree in Panama's Soberania National Park.
sloth-in-treeCarlos P Naval/Wildlife Photographer of the Year
Who doesn't love a good nap? This Weddell seal was photographed getting cosy on the ice off Larsen Harbour in South Georgia.
weddell-sealRalf Schneider/Wildlife Photographer of the Year
This thirsty long-tailed tit was photographed having a nibble of an icicle during one cold morning on the Japanese island of Hokkaido.
bird-licking-icicleDiana Rebman/Wildlife Photographer of the Year
This young grey whale dwarfed this pair of hands reaching down from a tourist boat on the coast of Mexico’s Baja California. It's absolutely huge!
whale-in-sea-swimming-towards-handsThomas P Peschak/Wildlife Photographer of the Yea
This shoal of fish created this epic circle in the Red Sea 80 feet (25 metres) below the surface of the water. It looks pretty magical!
fish-shoalAlex Mustard/Wildlife Photographer of the Year
This incredible underwater jungle of long stems, which are known as Eurasian watermilfoil, were captured at the bottom of Lake Neuchâtel in Switzerland.
eurasian-watermilfoilMichel Roggo/Wildlife Photographer of the Year
This incredible action shot was taken on a reserve in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. A lone cheetah was forced to stand its ground when it came face to face with a pack of African wild dogs!
cheetah-and-wild-dogsPeter Haygarth/Wildlife Photographer of the Year