Why are there more spiders around at the moment?

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You might have seen a few more of these guys in your house recently!

Are you seeing a few more spiders around at the moment? Don't worry! They're just looking for a friend.

Scientists say the combination of warm and wet weather this summer means there have been more insects for spiders to eat.

And now the well-fed spiders are looking for mates - which they're hoping to find inside people's houses!

As we say goodbye to the summer, spiders often head indoors to escape the chilly weather.

But a team of professors at the University of Gloucester said this year's spider season is busier than normal.

Professor Adam Hart said "people are saying that they are seeing more than they normally do."

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Whether you love them or you hate them - spiders are pretty cool creatures!

But if you don't want to see them around, you might need to tidy your bedroom! Professor Hart suggests keeping things tidy. He said "they love mess, such as piles of clothes".

Have you seen more spiders around? Let us know!

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