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Have you ever seen such big vegetables?

If you hate vegetables, think yourself lucky you don't have to eat these whoppers! From pumpkins to cabbages, some pretty big veg has been on display in Yorkshire for the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show.
Imagine carving this whopping pumpkin at Halloween. It weighs over 290 kg and won first prize in the heaviest pumpkin category in the giant vegetable competition. Don't worry, the guy who is sat on it also grew it. Pumpkin pie anyone?
Man-sat-on-pumpkin.AFP/Getty Images
Your cabbage hasn't got a patch on this one. This massive cabbage has to be moved around by wheelbarrow it's so big! The colossal cabbage hit over 27 kg on the scales.
A-man-pushing-cabbage-in-wheelbarrow.AFP/Getty Images
These onions have more than a few layers to them. Here they are being being weighed for the competition. Let's hope whoever chops them up for dinner has lots of tissues handy for when their eyes water!
Big-onions-being-weighed.AFP/Getty Images
Peter looks very proud of this massive marrow he's managed to grow. It took first prize for being the heaviest one in the competition at over 65 kg.
A-man-sat-with-big-marrow.AFP/ Getty Images
Believe it or not this is a cucumber - probably not like any other cucumber you've ever seen before! It was grown by Graham Barratt and is almost a metre long. No wonder he looks so proud.
Man-holding-long-cucumber-over-head.Danny Lawson/PA Wire