Super Nintendo World opens next spring at Universal Studios Japan

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Super Nintendo World trailer is released

Gaming fans have been waiting for months in anticipation of Super Nintendo World which is opening at Universal Studios in Japan.

The experience being unveiled in Osaka in spring promises to bring in everyone's favourite characters to life.

The theme park is set to open in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Now a trailer full of computer graphics as to what's expected in the theme park has been released.

While the trailer does not show exactly what the theme park is going to be like, there are some clues of what to expect.

Here's what we can expect from the makers of Mario, Pokemon and Zelda.

Special wristbands

Anyone entering the gates of Super Nintendo World can buy a wristband which can be used with a smartphone app. These 'Power Up Band' are supposed to make people feel part of the game.

Organisers standing with Super MarioGetty Images
Super Nintendo World will be opening in Japan next year

The strap will create "a fully interactive experience" according to Nintendo. Visitors will be able to play games throughout the park with the strap sending ride and game scores back to your console at home.

Progress will also be saved for visitors returning for another visit.

Animated preview of what the park could look likeNintendo /
Here's what Nintendo reckon the theme park could look like
Ride announcements

So far there have only been two rides announced.

They are the Mario Kart ride and Yoshi's Adventure ride. There are no details yet about the Mario Kart ride but there are rumours that Yoshi's Adventures will have cars designed to look like Yoshi, taking riders through one of the game's upper levels, and will feature indoor and outdoor scenes.

The area for the rides will be built on three levels.

Universal Studios signGetty Images
Super Nintendo World will be opening in other Universal Parks
Will there be other Super Nintendo Worlds?

Universal Parks & Resorts CEO, Tom Williams says this won't be the only place for Nintendo World.

Orlando and Hollywood in the US have already been announced as locations.

Although there is no exact date for further parks, Williams said "we're bringing it. You can count on it".