Kanye West: People are saying the latest Yeezy trainers look like Crocs

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2 people on motorcycle close up of trainerTwitter / @theyeezymafia
Some trainer enthusiasts have described the shoe as being similar to a Croc

Kanye West is famous for making award-winning rap records but he has another business you may be aware of - trainers.

Ever since the first release of his YEEZY 350s in 2015, his shoes have made headlines.

But has the rapper gone a bit too far this time?

YEEZY Foam Runner

Ye's brand new trainer is called the YEEZY Foam Runner - it's due to come out in 2020.

However, this time the design is very, erm, unusual.

It is a white foam shoe that the makers says moulds to the shape of your feet, with no laces and cut-out shapes along the sides.

But since the photographs were released, lots of people have taken to social media comparing them to space-alien shoes or even Crocs.

Man on motorcycle wearing new kanye west trainerTwitter / @theyeezymafia
New YEEZY Foam Runner set to release in 2020 (motorbike and lounge suit not included)

Crocs are also foam clog shoes, they are waterproof and the makers say they have been designed for comfort for all ages and genders.

You might have a pair you wear to the beach and loads of adults use them for work, or even as slippers. They are often used by hospital staff because they are hygienic.

They're a design classic but not actually very fancy - and they certainly won't cost as much as Kanye's brand!

Croc shoesGetty Images
Croc shoes have a waterproof and comfortable design and they're pretty waterproof - gardeners love 'em

Are the new Yeesy trainers really THAT different?

We'll leave you to make up your own mind!

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