First aid will be taught in schools from September 2020

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English schools will be teaching vital life-saving skills from September 2020

Teaching students how to save lives will be part of the national curriculum for English schools from September 2020.

First aid classes will be taught in primary and secondary schools.

Primary schools will be taught basic skills such as how to call emergency services, whereas secondary schools will be taught life-saving skills such as how to help someone who is suffering a heart attack.

We want to hear from you. Is is a good idea to learn first aid at school? Have you already learned these skills elsewhere? Tell us in the comments.

1,600 schools in England will take part in the new first aid lessons this year as part of a trial, before it becomes compulsory in the next school year.

The British Red Cross say more lives can be saved in emergency situations, if first aid is given before the arrival of medical services.

Many charities have been campaigning for first aid to be taught in schools for years, as it has been proven that countries with first aid in schools have up to three times higher survival rates.

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Jenny investigates the first aid lessons streamed to schools (2014)
How first aid training can save a life

A boy from Kent recently used his first aid skills, that he learnt in a first aid course two years ago, to save someone's life.

Thomas, aged 14, was waiting at a bus stop on the way to school one morning, when a man collapsed beside him.

When Thomas saw him he went over and started to perform CPR, which helped the man stay alive until the ambulance arrived.

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Doing first aid before an ambulance arrives can help save lives

Thomas said "it was rewarding... but a lot of responsibility at the same time".

This is just one example of how first aid skills can make a huge difference in saving peoples lives.

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Countries who teach first aid in schools have three times higher survival rates

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