Films for deaf children: UK cinemas 'not doing enough'

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UK cinemas are not doing enough for deaf children, says a leading charity.

Research by the National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS) showed that more than seven in 10 UK cinemas didn't show subtitled performances of the summer's most popular children's films.

The Lion King was found to be the most inclusive film for deaf children this summer, but only 48% of cinemas put on a single subtitled showing - which is fewer than half of the UK's cinemas.

Toy Story 4came in second place with 44% and the latest instalment of the Spiderman franchise came third with just under two in five cinemas putting on subtitled showings.

However, fewer than 5% of cinemas showed subtitled versions of Ugly Dollsand fewer than one in ten put on accessible showings of The Queen's Corgi.

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There are some who think that even subtitles don't go far enough to help children who are deaf or hard of hearing to be able to enjoy films.

Many say that subtitles might be hard to read for young children and that there should be more films shown in sign language.

The NDCS said the results were "disgraceful", "deeply depressing" and highlighted how "so many needless barriers still exist for the UK's 50,000 deaf children".

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