iPhone 11: Apple claims it can help you take better 'pet-selfies'

Last updated at 07:16
Pet-selfieGetty Images

If you are anything like us, your phone's camera roll is FULL of pictures of your pets...

Well, what if you could improve your pet photo shoots even further, highlighting your dog or cat's best features?

Surprisingly, that's one of the features that Apple has included on its new iPhone!

Up until now, a special feature on iPhones to help users take good selfies - "portrait mode" - has only recognised human faces.

Pet-selfieGetty Images

But according to the tech company, the new iPhone 11, which was unveiled on Tuesday, features a new "pet portrait" mode, which recognises animal features and enhances them.

The makers talked up the "slofie" - which is a slow-motion selfie, which we're still trying to work out...

However, the iPhone 11 is very expensive, costing at least £700, so if your parents are thinking of getting one, maybe keep your savings and just use theirs!