Fifa 20: Jadon Sancho reacts to his rating

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EA Sports has released its ratings for the new Fifa 20 game game and England footballer Jadon Sancho isn't impressed.

The 19-year-old decided to tweet the company on social media after finding out what his passing statistics would be on the game.

He's not the only footballer who hasn't been happy since the reveal.

Fellow England player Eric Dier also expressed his disappointment during an interview with his club, Tottenham Hotspur.

Dier said: "My pace is 54 and my dribbling is 65 - it makes no sense."

Fifa 20 comes out on September 27.


Players are rated on their football skills on Fifa 20 out of 100. They get rated on their pace, shooting ability, passing ability, their dribbling skills, their defending skills and their overall strength.

On the previous Fifa game - Fifa 19 -Sancho was rated 72. On Fifa 20, he has been given an overall rating of 84.

Despite this massive upgrade, Sancho decided to have some fun by tweeting EA Sports about his passing statistics.

He tweeted: "77 passing?!"

"Why pass when you have 90 dribbling", the EA Sports Fifa account replied.

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Eric Dier has seen his ratings go from 80 down to 79.

Eric Dier was also talking about his Fifa 20 ratings during a chat with fellow Tottenham Hotspur player Davison Sanchez on Spurs TV.

"I know mine's (speed) going to be disrespectful - I know they're going to disrespect my speed," Dier said.

"I think people have a false perception of my speed. If yours is 74, I'm not looking forward to mine.

"My pace is 54 and my dribbling is 65 - it makes no sense."

Are there any players who you think deserve to be rated higher on fifa. Let us know in the comments below.

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