Victor Vescovo becomes first to dive deepest parts of the world's oceans

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An American explorer has become the first person to dive to the deepest points of the five oceans of the world.

Victor Vescovo completed his fifth and final dive of the Five Deeps Expedition on 24 August by diving 18,209 feet (5.5km) solo into the Molloy Trench, the deepest point of the Arctic Ocean.

There are five Oceans in the world - the Pacific, Indian, Southern, Atlantic and the Arctic - and Mr Vescovo has reached the deepest part of every one.

The adventurer used a Deep Submergence Vehicle (DSV) called Limiting Factor which is able to reach a total depth of 36,000 feet (10.9km).


The Five Deeps science team says it has discovered more than 40 new species from the dives, including a new species of snailfish in the Indian Ocean and three new species of marine animal at the bottom of the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean.

The Mariana Trench dive was the deepest dive in history, at 10,924 metres which is over six miles!

A five-part documentary about the Five Deeps Expedition is due to air on the Discovery Channel early next year.

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