Beast from the East: Why experts are warning this winter could be freezing

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Weather experts say this winter could be the coldest in 30 years!

There's not long to go until winter and experts warn it could be a pretty cold one for some parts of the UK.

Researchers from a university in London say it could be one of the coldest winters in 30 years.

They've forecast an average temperature of just 3.9C for January to February - that's pretty chilly.

The climate experts have been studying current sea temperatures and a weather system over the north Atlantic.

They found that a freezing vortex of Arctic air could hit the country in the next few months.

Some people have said it will be another 'Beast from the East'.

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A freezing vortex of Arctic air might hit the country in the next few months - could it look like this?
What is the Beast from the East?

It's a phrase that is used to describe cold and wintry conditions in the UK - that happen as a result of winds that come from the east.

It's when freezing air blasts the UK from Siberia, Russia.

When it hit the UK in February 2018 some parts of the UK were covered in snow and ice, and some places recorded temperatures of -14C!

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