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Festival of the Winds: Amazing kites at Australian festival

Take a look at these fantastic kites taking to the skies at the Festival of the Winds on Sydney's Bondi Beach
Have you ever seen a kite as amazing as this?! This whale swimming in the sky is part of the Australian Festival of the Winds show.
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The Festival of the Winds is Australia's biggest kite festival and is one of the biggest in the world. Kite flyers can show off their massive creations to the public who come for a day trip.
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The Festival has been running for 40 years and takes place on Sydney's world-famous Bondi Beach.
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Loads of Australian animals are represented, like this koala. Did you know koalas are often called bears? But actually they aren't bears, they are marsupials - which means that as a baby, they are carried in their mother's pouch.
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One of the things Bondi Beach is famous for is sharks. Swimmers and surfers have to be careful and special shark spotters are there to keep an eye on the waves and warn watersports fans in case they need to get out of the sea.
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Some of the kites are a bit scary! Check out this huge spider in its web. This is meant to be one of Australia's most famous spiders - the redback spider. It has a very venomous bite! It feeds on insects, lizards and even sometimes snakes. Its bite can also be harmful to animals and humans - yikes!
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We love this boy's amazing squid kite! Or is it a jellyfish?
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Aside from the giant kites, the show attracts loads of families who come to see the display and get inspired to fly their own kite. Do you have a kite of your own?
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The event is also a big celebration of all things Australian - check out this amazing flag kite.
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