Australian Council tries to solve nuisance cat problem

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A council in Southern Australia is trying to crack down on the "nuisance behaviour" of local cats.

Mount Barker Council in Adelaide is planning to pass new rules to limit how many cats a person can own, and says the animals need to be indoors between 8pm and 7am.

Local cat owners may end up getting fined if their cats are found roaming the streets at night - and they can now only own two cats per house.

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What's the problem with cats?
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The council says one of the most important reasons for the new laws is to address nuisance cat behaviour which could range from being aggressive to other wildlife, fighting with other cats, and wandering onto private land and pooping there.

There was a special consultation with the people who live in the town, at which people had their say about the idea.

According to the council, 68% of residents supported a limit to two cats per property and 71% of them supported a cat curfew.

But there was some good news for cat lovers - people who would like to have extra cats can apply for approval.

They have to fill out an application form and ask their neighbours of it's ok!