Meet 'Double Dave', the two-headed snake

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Double-Dave-two-headed-snake.David Schneider, Herpetological Associates
This is Double Dave the two-headed snake

A two-headed baby rattlesnake has been found in a forest in the US state of New Jersey.

This kind of snake is really rare - it was spotted and taken in by an environmental group and they've called him Double Dave.

Dave has two fully-formed heads, four eyes and two flickering tongues - which work independently of each other.

Two-headed snakes have separate brains and heads but one body, which is caused by a deformity when they're developing in the egg.

Environmentalist David Schneider said "It would be pretty difficult for this snake to survive in the wild", so he and his team took Double Dave in.

A family in Louisiana, in the US, have also adopted a two-headed snake they've called Filé and Gumbo.

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Two-headed snake is family's new pet

Tanee Janusz was given the Western Rat snake by a friend who found it in his backyard, and her family decided to keep it.

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