Will Smith and Leonardo DiCaprio to create trainers to help save the Amazon rainforest

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Two of the world's biggest actors have teamed up - not to star in a movie - but to create a pair of trainers.

Will Smith, who you will know from Aladdin and Men In Black, and Leonardo DiCaprio from Titanic have joined forces to release a pair of trainers made out of completely natural materials.

The trainers, made by Allbirds, are named the Tree Runners and the Tree Toppers.

The company who make them say 100% of the money made from sales will be used to help fight the devastating fires burning in the Brazilian Amazon.

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The Amazon fires are now so large that they can be seen from space and have been burning for over a month.

Some people think the fires could have been set on purpose by logging companies or farmers wanting to clear large areas of land.

How much money has been promised?

World leaders met in August at the G7 conference and discussed the situation in Brazil.

They offered the South American country a $22 million package (around £18 million) to help fight the fires but the Brazilian President rejected the offer.

Leo DiCaprio set up an emergency fund through his charity Earth Alliance and donated $5 million (£4 million).

The Rainforest Trust have also raised over £100,000 to buy 1,992 acres of rainforest land in order to help protect the Southern Woolly Spider Monkey.

The creatures are now endangered due to the deforestation of tropical rainforests.