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Guinness World Records 2020: The largest hula hoop spin and other wacky record breakers

The woman in America who has set a record for spinning 17 foot hula hoop and other amazing record breakers!
Getti Kehayoa has an incredible ability to spin a 17 foot titanium hula hoop which has earned her the Guinness World Record title for the largest hula hoop spun by a female. She's now sharing her tips and tricks with other people. That can't have been easy!
Getti-Kehayoa spinning a 17ft titanium hula hoop.Peter Gaunt.
Brittany Walsh is an acrobatics performer from Oregon in the USA. She's set the World Record for how far she's shot an arrow using just her feet. She managed to shoot it over 12 metres - the length of two London buses. Pretty impressive right? She's had more than eleven years of circus performing so she definitely knows her stuff!
Brittany-Walsh-performs-farthest-arrow-shot-with-her-feet.Craig Mitchelldyer
Lisa Pitman and her husband Chris are both Taekwondo masters and are a power breaking couple from Kent. Lisa is the only female Taekwondo master in the UK and they've set a record for smashing over 500 pine boards in one minute between them, Lisa managed 230 and Chris smashed 315. You wouldn't want to mess with them! Don't worry though, they might be super strong but they actually teach a children's class!
Lisa-Pitman-and-Chris-Pitman.Paul Michael Hughes
Kevin Nicks is from Gloucestershire and has broken the record for creating the fastest garden shed. This shed can reach speeds of over 80 miles an hour which is pretty rapid ! That's quicker than the national speed you can drive on a motorway in the UK!
Kevin-Nicks.Paul Michael Hughes
Meet Michelle Kinney from Colorado in the US, she's achieved the most weight lifted by atlas stone lifts (picking up massive heavy stone globes) in just sixty seconds. She's managed to lift over 539 kilograms. That's about three times the weight of a motorbike!
Michelle-Kinney.Guinness Book of Records 2020