Harry, Meghan and Archie: Royal family arrive in Africa for royal tour

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrive at NyangaPA Media

Prince Harry and Meghan have arrived in Africa with baby Archie, for their first official overseas tour as a family!

The 10-day visit will see the royals celebrate the continent's people and culture.

They'll start the trip in Cape Town, then Duke of Sussex will visit Angola, Malawi and Botswana on his own.

The family will meet up again in Johannesburg where the tour will finish.

Prince Harry has said he's excited to introduce his son Archie and wife Meghan to South Africa.

On their first engagement, the couple visited Cape Town's Nyanga township, where they are seeing a workshop that supports children and empowers young girls.

Prince Harry is presented with a drawing by a young boyReuters
Meghan and Harry are visiting the Nyanga township

Prince Harry's mum - Diana Princess of Wales - would regularly visit South Africa in order to spread awareness of issues affecting communities there and to help them.

Ahead of the trip, Prince Harry used social media to raise awareness of a number of charities and organisations in South Africa, such as The Nelson Mandela Foundation, Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation, African Wildlife Foundation, The Halo Trust and National Geographic.

A dancer entertains the crowds at the township in Cape Town ahead of the royal visit South AfricaPA Media
A dancer entertains the crowds at the township in Cape Town ahead of the royal visit South Africa

"As a lead-up to the tour, for the month of September, we wish to celebrate the beauty of this wonderful continent as a whole - from local organisations working hard to better the environment, to the young leaders paving the way for a better future for the Commonwealth and beyond," the caption read.

"These selected groups are a small representation of the incredible work being done in Africa today from countless people, local communities and organisations."

Prince Harry shared lots of pictures of charities and organisations helping people in South Africa