Vegan fast food: Would you try KFC's meat-free 'chicken' wings?

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You may have heard of vegan sausage rolls or maybe you've tried a meatless burger? But what about meat-free chicken nuggets?

There's been a big increase in the number of restaurants and fast food chains jumping on the idea of plant-based grub.

It's because of a growth in the number of people becoming vegan and vegetarian.

Now, Kentucky Fried Chicken - better known as KFC - has announced that it's going to be bringing meatless products to its menu too, with nuggets and wings that are made from plants.

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Where can you try it?
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The plant-based nuggets will be trialled in Atlanta in the US and KFC says they will be made to have a similar texture to chicken.

The company will team up with vegan food maker Beyond Meat to create the products - and if it goes well, it will introduce them across the US.

It's already tested a vegan alternative to its chicken burger in the UK earlier this year.

The trial is designed to encourage vegans, vegetarians and environmentally-conscious meat eaters to visit the chain.

What other restaurants have mixed up their menus?

It's not the only restaurant that has started offering plant-based food this year.

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1. Burger King

Earlier this year, the fast food chain said it would trial meatless burgers in St Louis in the US.

Unlike existing veggie burgers, the Impossible Whopper was made to have the look, texture and taste of meat when cooked, and includes the same level of protein and iron as beef.

2. Greggs

You may have seen a lot about Greggs' vegan sausage roll on social media.

The bakery chain introduced it in January 2019 and it has proved to be really popular.

It's such a hit that it has actually helped to increase profits at the company, which now says it will be making vegan versions of more of its best-selling items.

3. McDonald's

If you've been to the Golden Arches recently you may have seen the vegan Happy Meal.

It includes a breaded red pesto goujon wrap and there's also a Spicy Veggie wrap for adults too.

In Germany, you can also try something called the Big Vegan TS. It's made out of soy and wheat, but is meant to taste similar to meat.

4. TGI Friday's

Last year, the restaurant added a vegan burger to its menu in the US.

It's made from mushrooms, coconut oil, beetroot juice and plant-based protein and has now been launched in the UK.

The company says it's aimed at people trying to cut down on how much meat they eat and of course those who are vegan and veggie.

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