The 'crocodile' that caused quite a stir in Devon

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What's that hiding in the swamp?

Crocodiles are normally found in some of the world's hottest climates, but residents in Devon were treated to a rare sighting of the creature yesterday - or so they thought...

The reptile was believed to have been spotted in a local swamp by people walking their dogs.

Experts sprang into action to deal with the situation.

After being contacted by panicked residents, police confirmed that the crocodile was actually a fake!

The vicious-looking reptile was in fact a plastic toy.

Despite all the chaos, officers were able to see the funny side of the incident.

A police officer managed to get the toy croc under control

A photo of a Devon and Cornwall police officer was shared on social media with the caption: "After a deathly struggle @DCPKingsbridge managed to tame the beast of #Loddiswell."

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