Plastic pollution: Amazing things made out of plastic bottles

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13 billion plastic bottles are used in the UK every year and while most are recycled many still just end up in the bin.

But people have been coming up with some pretty impressive ways to make use of them.

Can you imagine wearing plastic bottles...or even playing with them?

Check out these cool creations using plastic bottles.

Roads made from plastic bottles

road-surfacing.Getty Images
Plastic makes up around 0.5% of the new road mixture

In some countries plastic bottles are being used to make or pave roads!

Los Angeles, in the US, are building their first road made with plastic later this year and some places in the UK are considering trying it out too.

Traditionally roads are made from a material called asphalt, but the new roads are made from a combination of asphalt and plastic.

The process involves making plastic pellets from bottles or bags that would otherwise go to landfill. They pellets are then melted into asphalt and that new mixture is used to make the roads - cool!

Prosthetic limbs made from plastic bottles

New-plastic-prosthetics-tested-in-India.De Montfort University
The new plastic sockets were tested out in India. These guys look pretty happy with the results!

Plastic bottles are being used to help people walk.

They've been ground down and turned into sockets for prosthetic limbs by experts at De Montfort University.

To test them, engineers created unique sockets for two patients at a rehabilitation centre in India.

At the moment, the average cost to make a socket is about £5,000, but this new plastic bottle alternative means the cost could be reduced to just £10.

Scientists are now looking at how more can be custom-made for patients' needs. Very cool!

Sport trainers

The Nike 'flyknit' shoes are partly made from recycled plastics

Imagine wearing a pair of trainers made out of plastic bottles!

Well, it seems famous sports brands such as Nike and Adidas are doing their bit to help tackle plastic pollution.

Nike say that each pair of 'flyknit' trainers is made from about six plastic bottles.

Adidas have also combined with Parley, an organization who work with brands to help prevent plastic pollution, to make some of their shoes.

They say each shoe uses about 11 plastic bottles before they have the chance to enter the ocean.

Plastic bottle clothes


Talk about being innovative!

Companies have found a way to turn plastic bottles into clothes you can wear every day - meaning they're definitely reusable.

A sustainable clothing company, called DGrade, 'flake' plastic bottles and melt them into fibre to create a special yarn.

This yarn can then be woven and threaded the same as polyester yarn.

The process uses 50% less energy and releases about 50% less carbon emissions.

And how about doing sport wearing plastic bottles?

Well, the Lionesses announced earlier this year that their kit is made from recycled bottles!

Eco-friendly flat-pack furniture


We think this is a pretty cool way of reusing plastic bottles.

A Mexican architecture firm have produced furniture, including children's tables and chairs, which is made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles.

The furniture can be put together without nails or glue.

Toys...with a difference

Green-toys-trucks-made-from-recycled-plastic.Green Toys
These toys are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles

Who'd have thought you could have so much fun playing with plastic bottles?

Well, not quite.

American toy company Green Toys make things to play with using 100% recycled bottles.

So far, they've recycled over 80 MILLION plastic milk bottles.

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