Andy Murray plays his brother at the Cincinnati Masters and Judy Murray isn't happy

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Andy and Jamie Murray have played tennis together since they were kids

Andy Murray is facing off against his brother Jamie at the Cincinnati Masters.

It's only the second time ever they've played against each other in a professional adult competition.

Andy has spoken before about how much he hates being on the other side to his brother - he said "it sucks".

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Last time they played against each other Jamie won

Brother, and former world number one Andy said: "I'd obviously rather be on the same side of the net as him."

"It sucks, it's not ideal, but we'll still be brothers at the end of the match."

It's tough for their mum Judy too - when it looked like they might play each other at Wimbledon 2019, she said it would be torture, and that she wouldn't watch.

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Wimbledon 2019: Judy Murray says Andy v Jamie would be "torture"

And her response to this match up? Just an emoji!


Their first match against each other was at Montreal in 2015, when Jamie beat Andy in a doubles match.

This is Andy's first singles tournament since his hip operation earlier this year.

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The Murray brothers played together at the Washington Open earlier in August, but they went out in the quarter-finals

Talking about the match Jamie said: "I don't think you're ever really ready to go compete against your brother,"

"But it's just something that we'll both have to deal with. It's not an easy thing to have to go through, but it's only an hour and a half of our lives, so we can get through it I think."

"It is weird to look across the net and see your brother because you want each other to win every time they step on the court."

No more doubles

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Andy has also said he will no longer be taking part in this month's US Open.

The 2012 champion had been planning to play doubles in New York, but says "doubles is done for me for the time being."

The TeamGB star says he wants to focus on getting back to his best in singles.

Tell us what you think! - How would you feel having to play against your sibling? - Leave a comment below.

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