Queen Victoria Proms concert: Five things to know about her

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queen-victoria-portrait.Getty Images
You can find this painting of Queen Victoria in the National Portrait Gallery in London

A very special event is taking place in London tonight to mark 200 years since Queen Victoria's birth.

The monarch's piano is going to be played in public for the very first time as part of the Proms.

The Proms are a series of concerts which make up a big classical music festival. They happen every year during the summer.

Queen Victoria was the queen of England for 63 years, from 1837 to 1901.

Today, her piano is being taken from its home in Buckingham Palace in London and moved to the Royal Albert Hall, where the concert will take place.

Find out more about Queen Victoria below.

Queen Victoria loved music
queen-victoria-piano.PA Media
This is Queen Victoria's piano, which has never moved from Buckingham Palace - until today!

Queen Victoria loved to play music with her husband Prince Albert. They made sure there were pianos at every one of their palaces - and even one the on the royal yacht!

She opened the Royal Albert Hall in 1871 to commemorate the death of her husband, and it's been home to the Proms ever since.

She became queen when she was 18 years old
18-birthday-cake.Getty Images

Yes - just 18! Victoria became Queen of England in June 1837.

Her coronation took place at Westminster Abbey, where everyone cheered 'Long live the queen!'

She had NINE children
queen-victoria.Getty Images
Queen Victoria holding one of her grandchildren

Their names were Victoria, Edward, Alice, Alfred, Helena, Louise, Arthur, Leopold and Beatrice. That's a lot of Christmas presents!

She's sometimes know as the grandmother of Europe, because all of her children married royalty throughout the continent.

At the time of her death in 1901, she had 37 great-grandchildren.

For most of her life, she only wore one colour
queen-victoria.Getty Images
Queen Victoria beside a picture of her husband, Prince Albert

Queen Victoria's husband died in December 1861, when she was 42 years old.

She found it difficult to recover from this and as a sign of mourning, she dressed in black for the rest of her life.

You can find her all over the world
queen-victoria-statue-india.Getty Images
A statue of Queen Victoria in Kolkata, India

There are statues of Queen Victoria everywhere. Scotland, England, Wales, Canada, the Carribean, Australia, Hong Kong - the list goes on and on!

The biggest statue is in London at the end of The Mall, near Buckingham Palace. At nearly 25m tall, it's the tallest monument of a king or queen in England.

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