Dentists are asking schools in England to go sugar-free

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Dentists in England want more schools to go sugar-free.

This is because a new report has shown that the main reason children between the ages of five and nine go to hospital, is for tooth decay.

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The Faculty of Dental Surgery has asked for more supervised tooth brushing in schools, and guidelines on what a healthy lunch looks like.

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Some dentists want teachers to help kids in school to brush their teeth

They also made a report that has 12 recommendations on how to help get rid of tooth decay.

Here are a few:

  • all schools in England should have supervised teeth-brushing schemes before 2022 (like schools in Scotland and Wales).
  • all schools should become "sugar-free"
  • putting a price increase on sugary dairy drinks, like milkshakes.
  • reducing the amount of adverts there are for sugary food and drink.
  • lowering the sugar content in baby foods.
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Some parents don't know that visiting a dentist is free for children under 18.

Professor Michael Escudier, who is the dean of the Faculty of Dental Surgery said: "It is incredibly worrying that levels of tooth decay among children in England remain so high"

"Everyone needs to play their part in ensuring our children have healthy, happy teeth."

The British Dental Association think one of the big reasons children don't go to the dentist, is because lots of parents didn't know that dental check-ups and treatments for under-18s were free.

What do you think? Should schools go sugar-free?

Or do you think that children should be allowed to eat what they want? Let us know below!

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