Adorable hyrax pups born at Chester Zoo

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WATCH: Baby hyrax pups born at Chester Zoo

How cute is this? Three tiny rock hyrax pups have been welcomed at Chester Zoo.

Officials at the Zoo say they only weighed 250g, which is about the same weight as a banana!

The new arrivals, who haven't got a name yet, were born last month to mum Daissie and dad Nungu.

hyrax-pups.Chester Zoo

You'll never believe which animal their ancestry relates them to - elephants!

How are they similar? Well, they have two big teeth which grow like tiny tusks.

The structure of their skulls and the shape of their feet are also just like their elephant ancestors.

Conservation scientists believe they have their own language made up of different sounds and tones, which is pretty neat too.

What would you name them? Let us know in the comments below!

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