Toilet explodes in thunderstorm!

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A couple in Florida found their toilet destroyed after it was struck by lightning

A quick trip to the loo is a pretty bog-standard affair for most.

However, one couple received the shock of their lives when their toilet exploded during a thunderstorm in Florida last Sunday.

The toilet was struck by lightning, causing a huge bang.

Upon investigating where the loud noise had come from, the couple found that their toilet had been completely destroyed.

No one was harmed as a result of the explosion.

What caused the explosion?

A plumbing company was called in to help clean up the remains of the toilet.

They confirmed that the lightning had hit a spot very close to septic tank underneath the property where is stored.

The pipes and septic tank were filled with methane gas that is created as waste breaks down. During the storm, lightning made contact with the methane, leading to the explosion.

Does this happen often?

The good news is that events like this are extremely rare.

Thunderstorms are pretty common in Florida compared to other parts of the world, but even then, accidents caused by lightning don't happen often.

The most important thing is to stay safe during this type of weather.

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