Can you see the owl in this photo? Not many can!

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hidden-owl.Rob Borovsky via Caters News Agency
Can you see the great grey owl hidden in this photograph?

People have been puzzled trying to spot the wildlife in this photograph...

Rob Borovsky, 51, was visiting an area near to the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada to take some pictures.

He took the photograph above - and at first glance, it doesn't look like there's any wildlife to be seen.

But there is in fact a great grey owl hidden among the trees, barely visible because of its camouflaged feathers.

Can you see it above?

"I enjoy the challenge of looking for wildlife in its natural environment and then spending time photographing the subject in its natural habitat," said Rob.

"This is why owls in general are so hard to find. They blend into their backgrounds so well and are so quiet.

"It does take a certain skill and understanding of these owls to locate them."

He called the moment a "fantastic opportunity" to see the bird in its natural habitat.

"Had it not moved its head and I not spotted its yellow eyes, he would have been virtually invisible," he added.

Have you been able to spot the animal?

Head to the picture below to see if you got it right!

hidden-owl-revealed-with-a-circle.Rob Borovsky via Caters News Agency
Did you spot it? The owl has turned its head but you can just spot one of its yellow eyes
hidden-owl-revealed-with-a-circle.Rob Borovsky via Caters News Agency

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