WWE Summer Slam: Dolph Ziggler, Becky Lynch and everything you need to know

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Who will triumph in their Summer Slam matches? Will it be Becky Lynch, Seth Rollins or Kofi Kingston?

The WWE Summer Slam starts today.

Wrestling's second biggest event is taking place at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada this year.

Big names like Kofi Kingston, Becky Lynch and Goldberg will all be taking part.

The main show starts at 11pm (UK time) tonight and fans can watch a live stream on the WWE website.

Read on to find out more about some of the big matches.

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston vs Randy Orton
Can Kofi keep his championship title?

Since winning the Championship at WrestleMania, Kofi Kingston has been a target for many other players, looking to take his title.

However, in a six-man-tag-team-match earlier this year, the champion was pinned by Randy 'The Viper' Orton.

So Kofi decided to challenge The Viper to a one-on-one match at the Summer Slam.

Who will prevail? Will Orton's RKO defeat Kofi, or will Kofi's finishing move 'Trouble In Paradise' defeat The Viper once and for all?!

Trish Stratus vs Charlotte Flair
Two legends of wrestling - Trish Stratus and Charlotte Flair - will go head to head

A match between arguably two of wrestling's greatest female wrestlers? Yes please!

Nine-time Champion Charlotte Flair (daughter of famous wrestler Ric Flair) challenged Trish to a match at the Sumer Slam.

But Trish is no pushover. With seven titles under her belt and a home crowd behind her, she is going to be a tough opponent to beat!

This will be a real clash of the titans match.

Dolph Ziggler vs Goldberg
Legendary wrestlers Goldberg and Dolph Ziggler will go head to head

The two legendary competitors will be returning to the ring at the Summer Slam.

The Miz tricked Dolph Ziggler earlier this year by making him sign a contract to fight Goldberg, when he thought he was fighting The Miz.

Goldberg hasn't been seen since his match against The Undertaker at the Super Showdown in June, during which he suffered from a concussion injury.

Which of the two powerhouses will win? We'll have to wait and see!

Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch vs Natalya
Will Becky be able to defend her title from challenger Natalya?

Becky 'The Man' Lynch is back to defend her Championship title in a match against rival Natalya.

But it won't be an easy fight. Natalya is a third-generation superstar, with one of the toughest submission moves in the ring, nicknamed the 'Sharpshooter'.

Natalya is also from Canada, so will having home crowd support help her to take a victory from champion Lynch?

Universal Champion Brock Lesner vs Seth Rollins
Can 'The Beast' beat 'The Architect'?

Seth 'The Architect' Rollins is set for a tough match against Champion Brock 'The Beast' Lesner.

Brock is in a strong position. He even beat wrestling legend Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson back in 2002 to became the youngest WWE Champion in history at that time.

However, Rollins has defeated him in the past and has also held two Championship titles at the same time! So fans will be looking forward to seeing what happens here.

Smackdown Women's Champion Bayley vs Ember Moon
Will Bayley face trouble from Ember Moon?

Week after week Champion Bayley has proved why she's the best of the best. However, could she be about to lose her title?

Challenger Ember Moon has been described as a "force of nature" with her signature move 'The Eclipse' taking down many opponents.

Could Champion Bayley be in trouble? Bring it on!

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