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Big Bird, the moon landing and other butterly amazing sculptures

Sesame Street's Big Bird has been given a dairy good makeover - check out these other marvellous butter creations.
Take a look at this giant buttery Big Bird! It's been made by sculptors at the Iowa State Fair in the US to celebrate the 55th anniversary of Sesame Street.
This year marked the 50th anniversary of the moon landing - and what butter way to celebrate, than by showing off the Apollo 11 mission's three main heroes Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins, in dairy form.
Neil-Armstrong-Buzz-Aldrin-and-Michael-Collins-made-out-of-butter.American Dairy Association Mideast
Along with the astronauts, the team of 6 sculptors spent about 400 hours in a walk-in fridge creating lots of designs including these cows. They are all being shown off at the Ohio State Fair in the US.
Cows-in-butter-form.American Dairy Association Mideast
Who needs the force, when you've got all this butter on hand (although it's only really a useful weapon if you're fighting someone who's lactose intolerant)! This Star Wars themed sculpture went on show as part of the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto in 2009.
Yoda-from-Star-Wars-in-butter-form.Getty Images
Do you recognise this famous US President in butter form? This bust of Barack Obama, made from 10kgs of butter, went on display back in 2007 when the wannabe-presidential candidate was still dreaming of being able to spread his message around the world.
Barack-Obama-head-made-from-butter.Scott Olson
A dog-shaped butter statue took pride of place in as hotel lobby in Shenyang, China in January 2018 to welcome in the Year of the Dog. It took 20 days and 150 kilograms of butter to create the 3.6 metre tall, 1.3 metre wide display.
The dog wasn't the first butter sculpture they'd made either. Check out this butter rooster made using 150 kg butter to welcome in the Year of Rooster in 2017.
Robin Hood actor Kevin Costner has also had the honour of being made out of butter for the Iowa State Fair back in 2014. This scene was made to recreate a scene from a film called Field of Dreams. although to be honest we'd rather see a Robin Hood made from butter. Imagine how difficult it would be to make a bow and arrow out out of butter!
Kevin-Cosner-made-out-of-butterScott Olson