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Cat fashion show: Fe-line fine

These furry meow-dels have taken part in a fashion show in America to raise awareness of animal rescue and adoption.
These furry felines were all dressed up for an annual fashion show at a hotel in New York. The theme was 'It's a Small World' so their outfits have been inspired by countries around the world. We love this pretty purr-fect pink outfit.
The aim of the fashion show is to raise awareness of animal rescue and adoption. Some of the money raised from the event goes to a home for stray cats and dogs. What a cat-tastic collar.
Now this is a top hat, sorry top cat. Balboo's working a lovely blue, red and white number. His cape and hat have the American flag on them. He's even got matching blue sunglasses.
This is one cool cat with a very funky hair do! We've never seen a cat in a jacket quite like this before.
This little black cat is Meril. Here she's dressed as an ancient Egyptian for the runway. Now that is one fancy headdress.
Canoli was spotted backstage before taking to the catwalk. His outfit was inspired by German Lederhosen. Very smart.
Wasabi's wearing a traditional Chinese outfit, including an impressive hat. Red is definitely Wasabi's colour!