Freia Challis is World BMX Champion

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11-year-old Freia took first place in every one of her races to claim victory

Meet Freia Challis, the 11-year-old is a BMX World Champion!

Freia dominated in her category at the UCI BMX World Championships.

She took first place in every one of her heats, the quarter-final, semi-final and the final, to claim victory - all in 42C degree heat!

The three-day event was held in Zolder, Belgium and saw more than 3000 entries from more than 50 compete across a number of age groups.

freia-challisTony Twist
Freia displayed some impressive skills at the BMX Championships

Freia first rode a bike at the age of two and she hasn't looked back since!

She competed at the last two BMX World Championships, but this year marks Freia's very first win at the international event.

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