YouTuber or astronaut: Which job would you rather have?

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Or maybe you'd rather do both jobs - vlogging from space maybe?

What do you want to be when you grow up? An astronaut, musician, professional athlete, teacher or vlogger/YouTuber?

This was the question asked to 3,000 kids aged 8 to 12 in the UK, United States and China, in an online survey.

The overall results show they are three times more likely to want to be a YouTuber (29%) than an Astronaut (11%).

But interestingly, a much higher percentage of children in China wanted to be an astronaut than in the UK and US.

While 56% of kids in China wanted to be an astronaut, only 11% of those in the US and UK gave the same response.

The most sought after job for kids in the UK and US was being a vlogger or YouTuber, with 30% in the UK and 29% in the US naming is as their dream job.

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In fact for kids in the UK and US, becoming an astronaut was named the least popular job, coming behind jobs like teacher (2nd), professional athlete (3rd), and musician (4th).

The survey was carried out by LEGO and The Harris Poll, to find out kids attitudes toward and knowledge of space, in the run up to the Apollo 11 anniversary.

But they weren't limited to choosing just one job - the kids were allowed to pick up to three answers each.

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In China, being a YouTuber was named the least popular job among the children who took part, with only 11% wanting to try it as a job.

But although this might sound strange, when we take into account that fact that many kids in China cannot watch YouTube or other video-streaming websites, it actually makes a lot of sense.

This is due to China's strict censorship laws, which means many websites are blocked by the country's government.

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Other popular jobs with kids in China were being a teacher (2nd), and a musician (3rd), with being a professional athlete the fourth most popular option.

When it comes to space travel more generally, kids in China seem to be more interested than UK or US-based children.

Ninety-five percent of Chinese children said they'd like to go into outer space or visit a different planet, compared to 68% and 63% of kids from the US or UK.

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